The following policy contains important information regarding the use of the Center.  It is imperative that you read and review the items listed.  Please note that the use of the facilities will be considered NULL AND VOID if the application for use is not completed and returned within two weeks of the event date and is not secured by a rental deposit, unless otherwise agreed to by the Pastor/Facility Use Committee.  If you have questions regarding these policies and guidelines please contact the parish office at 228-467-7347.


Use policies may be obtained from the parish website or the parish office at the number above.  All requests to use the facility by parishioners, non-parishioners, parish organizations require an application.  Use of facilities will not be considered until a complete and executed application is submitted to the parish office together with the appropriate fees (including the necessary deposits).  All request to use the facilities are subject to the approval of the Pastor/Facility Use Committee.  (See the Rental Rates page all applicable fees).


The deposit is due at the time of application.

All money shall be returned within Seven business days if the application is not approved.  Your deposit will be returned within 14 business days after your function providing that all of the guidelines have been adhered to and/or subject to any damages or miscellaneous expenses incurred during the usage period.  If damages occur that are more than the damage deposit, applicant agrees to either perform the repairs to the Parish's satisfaction or pay for the extra damages.

3.  SPECIAL EVENTS COVERAGE (INSURANCE)Required for the Holy Spirit Center only

Special Events Coverage is a requirement of the Diocese of Biloxi.  The cost of this event coverage is $100.00 per event.  This fee is not refundable, however, if the event is cancelled at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event full insurance coverage is refunded.  The Enrollment form for Special Events Coverage may be obtained from the parish office.  This form must be completed, signed, dated and returned with the rental application.


A written cancellation request must be received by the Parish Office.  Refunds will occur as follows:

  -If the written cancellation is received within 14 days-a full refund of usage and damage deposit.

  -If the written cancellation is received between 3-13 days, we will withhold $100.00.

  -If the written cancellation is received within 48 hours-NO REFUND

5.  TIME

Each use period shall be for a maximum of five(5) hours.  Reasonable set-up time will be allowed for each event.  Additional time over the five hour limit is subject to the approval of the Facility Use Committee at an additional cost for each additional hour, for no more than two additional hours.  Additional time must be requested at the time of application.  Clean-up and lock up of the facility should be done within an hour of the agreed completion time.  All events will end no later than midnight, which will include clean-up time. 


The maximum capacity of the Holy Spirit Center is 225 people for a sit down meal and 300 standing.  The meeting room will comfortably seat 36.  The outdoor facilities have no capacity specifications. 


Decorations shall be limited to tables only.  No wall or ceiling decorations shall be allowed.  Users of the facilities shall not injure, damage, mar, nor in any manner deface the facility, nor shall Users place any tape, nails, hooks, tacks or screws in any part of the facility, nor make any alterations of any kind thereon. 


Parties utilizing the Facility are responsible for cleaning up of the Facility and outside, making sure all trash gets into the outside dumpster.  Clean-up shall include removal of all decorations, put away all furnishings and sweeping the facility.  Parties utilizing the  kitchen area of the Holy Spirit Center are responsible for the complete clean-up of the kitchen area.  Countertops should be washed, ovens, stove tops and microwaves should be cleaned, floors swept, trash should be placed in the outside dumpsters, coffee machine should be washed, wash and clean sinks and surrounding area.  Do not leave excess food, condiments or leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer without approval of the facility use committee.    If Clean-up is not done to the satisfaction of the Usage committee, the clean-up deposit will be held.


No cooking or grilling will be allowed in the Holy Spirit Center.  Only the preparation of cold foods and warm up of precooked hot foods will be allowed, but persons renting the pavilion and recreational areas are permitted to grill or cook on the outside grounds near the pavilions. 


Parties using the kitchen in the Holy Spirit Center may use the following:  coffee pot(s), coffee urn(s), refrigerator, convection oven and microwave (for warm up only) and the warmer.


Parties using the kitchen may not use the following:  dishes, china, pots, pans, utensils, table linens, serving trays, dishwasher and dish rags.  These must be furnished by the parties renting the facility. 


The Holy Spirit Center is a "SMOKE FREE" building.  No Smoking is allowed inside the building, however smoking is permitted on the outside of the building as well as in the area of the pavilion.  All buds must be properly extinguished and discarded appropriately. 


No religious ceremonies other than those of the Catholic Faith may be performed in the Parish Center or any other parish complex.  Catholics getting married outside of the church are not permitted to use the facility for a wedding ceremony.  Non-Catholics are allowed to use the facility for a wedding ceremony if it is the first marriage of both parties.


The City of Bay St. Louis requires that a uniformed police officer be present at events involving 100 or more persons.  Events must maintain a ration of 1 uniformed officer for every 100 guest.  Arrangements for this coverage may be made by contacting the Bay St. Louis Police Department at 228-467-9222 at least two weeks prior to the date of the event.  There is a charge of $25.00 per hour for each officer. 


The sound system is used exclusively for parish-sponsored events.  Music should be limited to inside the center and must respect the sacredness of the church grounds.  Music is permitted on the grounds near the Pavilion, but must be respectful of the surrounding neighbors.


Not for profit organizations with a 501 (c) (3) designation and other non-parish affiliated organizations wishing to use the facilities for a fundraising activity must submit a written request stating the purpose and activities of the event.  The Pastor/along with the Usage Committee will consider the request on a case by case basis.  No other persons/organizations will be permitted usage of the facilities for purpose of fundraising unless approved by the Pastor and Usage Committee.


Non-Profit organizations will be charged a fee per event to be determined by the Pastor and usage committee.  The fee will be used to cover utilities as well as thorough cleaning of the facility after the organizations usage. 


All persons renting the Pavilion and Recreational Facilities will not be permitted usage of any restrooms on the parish grounds.  Persons renting the Pavilion and Recreational Facilities will be responsible for providing Portable outdoor bathrooms and/or hand washing stations not provided by St. Rose de Lima Church.  It is prohibited and  in-appropriate to use the restrooms in the Holy Spirit Center when it has been rented by other parties.  Please be respectful of Parties who may rent an alternate facility on the same date as your event. Parties found in violation of this policy will be prohibited from further rental of the outdoor facility. 


This Policy may be amended by the Pastor and the Use Committee to fit the particular needs of the user.  This would required a written request for temporary amendment by the user and approval on a case by case basis by the Pastor and the Facility Use Committee. 

St. Rose de Lima Catholic Church

Facility Use Policy