Confirmation is the sacrament of maturity.  It is the rite at which a baptized person, especially as an infant, affirms Christian belief and is admitted as a full member of the Catholic church.  Those being confirmed are known as Confirmandi. This Sacrament is usually rendered by the Diocesan Bishop.  Anyone being confirmed must attend a series of classes.  Confirmation means accepting responsibility for your faith and destiny as an adult.   This sacrament is the final sacrament of initiation, it is the completion of the sacrament of baptism.

This year, 2018, we have 10 confirmation candidates eligible to be confirmed.

Confirmation Retreat will be held on Saturday, March 17th from 8:30am-3:30pm.

Confirmation is scheduled for April 21, 2018 at Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church in Pass Christian, MS.

For more information, Please contact Joan Thomas, the Director of Religious Education.