Jesus reminds us that he is the vine and we are the branches, and it is the branches through which 

   nourishment enlivens the vine, so it is with parish ministries and organizations.  Jesus challenges us to be

   the living Eucharist: to use our hands, minds and bodies in love and service to others , to share our gifts

   of time, talent and treasures with others.  St. Rose de Lima Parish is a very active parish that works to

   serve the Lord and others.  One of the ways to serve the Lord is through ministry to your Parish and

   others.  All are welcomed and encouraged to serve your parish through one of the parish ministries.  We

   offer many opportunities for you to get involved.

   Below you will find a list of ministries of the parish and their chairpersons.  Please feel free to contact the

   the parish office for more information on each organization or if you may be interested in joining one of 

   the ministries.  Please note all ministries may not be currently listed and may be updated occassionally.

              Ministry                                                                                                Chairperson                                   

  *Hospitalitity Committee                                                                             Kimberly Bradley

  *St. Rose Outreach and Recovery                                                               Craig Saucier/Janita Cole

  *Festival Committee                                                                                     (Annual Chair Committe)

  *Generations of Faith                                                                                   Gwendolyn Lawyer

  *Handmaidens of the Lord Dance                                                               Beverly Williams

  *Sanjaa Liturgical Dance                                                                               Leah Morris

   *Little Roses Liturgical Dance                                                                    Erinn McKay

  *Altar Servers                                                                                                Florence Jordan

  *Gospel Choir                                                                                                Bailey Hinton

  *Traditional Choir                                                                                        Pete Roeling

  *Male Ensemble Choir                                                                                  Philip Williams

  *Prayer Warriors                                                                                           Sylvia Charles

  *Peace and Justice                                                                                          Bruce Northridge

  *Prayer/Altar Society                                                                                    Marilyn Smith

  *Religous Education Ministry                                                                      Joan Thomas

  *Youth Ministry                                                                                            Rhonda Labat

  *Christian Youth Organization (CYO)                                                       Lynn & Tracey Dedeaux 

 *Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors                                                                  Denise Prados

   *Please note that monthly Altar Servers, Lector and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist schedules 

     may be located on the submenus on the ministry tabs.