Making a Way Out of No Way

The Religious program at St. Rose de Lima was developed by or Catechist in the Imani Program during the Summer Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University in New Orleans, LA. 

The content emphasis of the program was  further enhanced by

input from parish catechist, parish leaders, youth and clergy.  Hence, our program seeks to accomplish three goals-instruct, liberate and nurture the catechumens and candidates.  Instructing the cathecumens and candidates in the teachings of the church.  Liberating catechumens and candidates by freeing those enslaved in confusion and doubt and converting those who desire to change.  Finally, Nurturing the faithful in their journey to live out the teachings of the faith.

Catechist and parents are encouraged to support our program by faithful preparation and attendance.  Parents are expected to become involved in the religious education of their children by reinforcement of the lesson taught each week and by making sure their children regularly attend the scheduled CCD classes and special programs. 

Director of Religious Education

              Joan Thomas